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Pre-Order Deposits

Deposits are required for each item that is pre-ordered. Deposit amounts generally range from £5.00 - £20.00 depending on the full price of the model.

All deposits received are;

  •  Non transferable to other purchases or items
  •  Non refundable if you cancel your order
  •  Non refundable if you fail to pay the balance of the pre-ordered items within 7 days of receipt of notification.
  •  Refundable if we cannot supply you with the item pre-ordered due to an allocation by the manufacturer.
  •  Refundable if the item is cancelled by the Manufacturer.
  •  Refundable If the item has not been released from 12 months of your original order date and you wish to cancel.

When you receive notification of your pre-order coming into stock and you no longer require the item you pre-ordered, please notify us via email within 7 days. Failure to notify us on 3 separate occasions will result in cancellation of all current outstanding pre-orders. We are not obliged to refund the deposits paid on the outstanding pre-orders. Refunds are made at our discretion.