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Pre-order Information

“Pre-ordering” an item means that you are reserving and paying for an item that will be shipped on a future date. Whilst we are very happy to receive your pre-order for a product, you should be aware of the following terms and conditions that apply to pre-order sales:
Pre-Order Deposits
Items that are made available to pre-order on our site from 19th December 2014 other than optical media (DVD, Blu-ray, CD) will be secured by paying a deposit. The following terms will apply to such pre-orders;
Deposits are required for each item that is pre-ordered. Deposit amounts generally range from £5.00 - £20.00 depending on the full price of the item.
All deposits received are;
  •  Non transferable to other purchases or items
  •  Non refundable if you cancel your order
  •  Non refundable if you fail to pay the balance of the pre-ordered items within 7 days of receipt of notification.
  •  Refundable if we cannot supply you with the item pre-ordered due to an allocation by the manufacturer.
  •  Refundable if the item is cancelled by the Manufacturer.
  •  Refundable If the item has not been released from 12 months of your original order date and you wish to cancel.

Payment for the remaining balance on pre-orders will usually be requested a couple of weeks before items are expected to be ready to ship. This is to enable us to dispatch orders as soon as they arrive with us.

When you receive notification of your pre-order being due into stock and you no longer require the item you pre-ordered, please notify us via email within 7 days. Failure to notify us on 3 separate occasions will result in cancellation of all current outstanding pre-orders. We are not obliged to refund the deposits paid on the outstanding pre-orders. Refunds are made at our discretion. 
A pre-order product is one that is not yet in stock but is expected within the next several months.
Payment for pre-order items is taken at the time the order is placed.
How to purchase
A pre-order product is added to your online basket and payments can be made by using either PayPal or by creating an account with us, the later is preferred as this enable you to fully track the status of your order. An acknowledgement email summarising your pre-order products will be sent to your specified email address.
Please do not order items that are "In Stock" with pre-order items this may result in your order being split or extra shipping charges being applied.
If you would like to place a order that contains items with different release dates or has some in stock and pre-order items please contact us first as we may be able to hold onto the order until it all becomes available.
While we typically receive the entire quantity of an item we order, there is always a chance that it could be allocated, delayed, or cancelled by the manufacturer or distributor. If your order seems to be running late please do not hesitate to contact us for an update.
Price changes
We deliberately mark our prices of pre-order items a little higher than they will be when we get them in stock. This means that you will never pay any more for your order than it was when you placed it. If we reduce the price of the item when it becomes available we will credit the difference to your E-wallet provided you have registered for an account.
Cancellation prior to dispatch of products
If you wish to cancel your pre-order(s) at any time prior to us dispatching your pre-order, please contact us and we will be happy to help and, process a full refund (excluding deposit payments). Alternatively (effective 16th August 2014) please complete the cancellation form that is attached to the order confirmation email and post or email it back to us. Please be aware that we can only refund back to your original payment method if you cancel within 60 days of placing your order, after this period we can only issue a refund through store credit (E-credit).
Cancellation after dispatch of products
Please read our returns policy.
By placing your pre-order, you consent to these pre-order terms and conditions.
Updated: 19th December 2014