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Check out our selection of pre-owned anime goods. Please remember that the condition of these items can vary according to their grades and may be in mint condition or just require a bit of cleaning, some may have missing parts or be in need of repair.


  • Grade A+ Item appears to be unused and unopened
  • Grade A Item is not sealed but appears to be as good as new.
  • Grade B Item has been opened and contains signs of minor wear. All parts appear to be included.
  • Grade C Item has been opened with some damage and/or wear. Parts may be missing.
  • Grade D Item has been opened and does have obvious damage and/or visible defects. Parts may be missing.
  • Grade E Item is damaged and will need repair.


  • Grade 1 Packaging is new or as new and has little or no signs of damage and/or wear.
  • Grade 2 Packaging is clearly damaged.
  • Grade 3 There is no original packaging for this product.
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